Performance Evaluation for Non-Exempt Employees

Review employee's performance for the entire period, Refrain from basing judgment on recent or isolated events only. Disregard your general impression of the employee and concentrate on rating one factor at a time.

Consider the employee on the basis of the standards expected to be met for the job the employee us assigned based on the length of time in the job. Rate the employee on how well the requirements of the job fulfilled.

Place a check in the box that best describes the employee's performance in that factor since the last appraisal (or date of hire if this is the employee's first review).

Keep in mind the relative importance of the factors will vary according to the position.

After rating the employee on each factor, provide examples to support your rating, if applicable.

Once all job factors are rated, complete the section Performance Related to Position Requirments by checking the box that best summarizes the employee's overall performance.

Do not discuss any compensation action, or the appraisal, with the employee until you have been notified of its approval.

Outstanding: Performance is distinguished and far exceeds requirements of the job.

Exceeds Expectations: Performance has been exceptional and usually exceeds job requirements.

Meets Expectations: Meets all job requirements.

Needs Improvement: Performance has been below the standards and requirements of the job.

Not Effective: Performance falls well below the standards and requirements of the job and is unacceptable.

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Accountability- accepts responsibility for actions and/or accomplishments


Punctuality and Attendance -rarely absent, works required hours, and arrives punctually to work and scheduled meetings.


Decision Making- Demonstrates effective decision making skills.

Appearance of Work Area- General appearance of employee's work area is kept neat and orderly.

Job Knowledge- Possesses, applies, and demonstrates proficiency in the necessary common and technical knowledge required for the position.

Quality of Work- Produces neat, thorough, and accurate work.

Policy and Procedures- Follows organization's policies and procedures.

Completion of Assignments- Works effectively with given workload to successfully meet stated deadlines.

Cooperation- Employee's ability and willingness to work with associates, supervisors, and management toward common goals.

Safety Practices- Follows safety rules and demonstrates safe work practices.

Provide an overall assessment of the employee's performance during the last review period.

Identify and describe the employee's principal strengths.

Describe areas in which the employee must improve or training is needed.

Describe employee's objectives where improvement or training is needed during the next review period.

Indicate specific training or development goals that will help the employee achieve long-term career objectives.

Performance Related to Position Requirements

Employee Comments

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