Coco By The Pound
By The Pound - Lemon Berry
By The Pound - Milk
By The Pound - Peaches and Cream

Milk By the Pound

Milk by the Pound is just one of 3 decedent flavors released by these genius’. 3 flavors total such as, Milk by the Pound, Peaches and Cream and Lemon Berry by the Pound!


  • Peaches and Cream – Juicy, ripe peaches swirled together with whipped cream and spread nice and thick on top of dense, rich pound cake.
  • Milk By The Pound – A sweet and buttery pound cake, drenched in an ice cold glass of fresh milk!
  • Lemon Berry –  Dense, sweet pound cake soaked in milk and infused with lemon citrus topped off with a blueberry and raspberry glaze.  
  • Coco –  Freshly baked pound cake drenched in chocolate milk.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

SIZE :  60ML                                                    VG: 70%
MSRP :  $24.99                                                 PG: 30%

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