Keep it 100 - Blue Shushie
Keep it 100 - Kiberry Killa 3
Keep it 100 - Krunchy Squares 3
Keep it 100 - Mallow Man
Keep It 100 - Peachy punch
Keep it 100 - Pink Burst 3
Keep It 100 - Strawberry Milk

Keep it 100

Putting out more and more wonderful creations Keep it 100 never ceases to impress. We currently offer 7 of their flavors; Pink Burst, Blue Slushie, Krunchy Squares, Kiberry Killa, Mallow Man, Peachy Punch and Strawberry Milk.


  • Pink Burst – A sweet, candy strawberry blended with creamy yet slightly tangy taffy comes together to create a spot on Pink Taffy!
  • Blue Slushie – Sweet strawberry and mystical blue raspberries are blended together to create this refreshing Blue Slushie!
  • Krunchy Squares – Spot on french toast crunch cereal with a milky finish!
  • Kiberry Killa – A refreshing blend of ripe strawberries and sweet kiwi, the perfect flavor for any season… simplicity is key.  
  • Mallow Man – A delicious, warm, chewy sugar cookie smothered with fluffy, goooooey marshmallows.  
  • Peachy Punch – peaches, ripe apples, and sweet mangoes!
  • Strawberry Milkthe ultimate summer-time dessert refreshment in a creamy strawberry milkshake.


SIZE :  100ML                                                    VG: 70%
MSRP :  $29.99                                                 PG: 30%                                                                                                                                      

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